What Is The Best Way To Treat Or Control Diabetes?

In the world of diseases, diabetes is no longer considered a rare disease. In fact, it has become so common that if you go and discuss, then almost every 2 of 6 people would be suffering from diabetes. If the studies are to be believed, then almost 50 million people from all over India are suffering from the disease.

Best Way To Treat Or Control Diabetes

However, the scariest part is that not many know what kind of danger they are facing regularly. Hence, it is important that before knowing how to treat or control diabetes, we should first discuss what it exactly is.

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What is Diabetes?

When the sugar levels in an individual’s blood get elevated, then he or she is known to be suffering from diabetes. Insulin has an important role in a human body because it is insulin which when broken down by the body is used as energy which is further transported to the cells. Primarily, there are two reasons why a person may be suffering from diabetes.

Firstly, it can happen when your body stops producing insulin and secondly, it can be when the body stops responding to the insulin that it produces. There are two types of diabetes- What is Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes Now, let us know about them too.

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What is Type 1 diabetes?

  • Type I diabetes is an autoimmune disease that occurs when the body of an individual becomes partially or completely unable to produce insulin.
  • In this type of diabetes, your immune system will attack the pancreas which is responsible for producing insulin in your body, thereby ultimately making it difficult for the pancreas to produce insulin.
  • Type I diabetes is prone to occur in people below the age of 20 years and this is also why it is also commonly known as juvenile diabetes.
  • Another important fact about type I diabetes is that it cannot be prevented. It can just be controlled by following a healthy lifestyle.

What is Type 2 diabetes?

  • The main cause behind type II diabetes is insulin resistance.
  • In the case of type II diabetes, the pancreas produces insulin but your body is unable to properly respond to it. Other than there can be many reasons behind type II diabetes. Some of the common reasons behind the disease are being overweight, having a poor diet, hormonal imbalance, overstressed, high blood pressure, reaction of certain medication or leading an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • In comparison to type I diabetes, type II diabetes is more common in India.
  • It is believed that people above the age of 40 years are more prone to be prey to type II diabetes.
  • However, the good news is that type II diabetes can be reversed.

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How to deal with diabetes?

Diabetes can bring many problems on a daily basis but if you really want to keep your diabetes in control and want to treat it, then you must make some healthy lifestyle changes. Eating well, being active and living a healthy lifestyle are the only ways through which you can win over diabetes.

What are the best ways to treat or control diabetes?

  • Stress can prove to be highly dangerous for diabetes patients as it can raise your blood sugar. Hence, you must learn some stress reducing techniques like deep breathing and meditation. You can also work on your hobby, gardening, take a walk, listen to music, etc. for keeping yourself busy and stress-free.
  • Another thing which you must greatly care about if suffering from diabetes is your diet. Avoid foods that are high in calories, trans fat, salt, and sugar. Go for the ones which are rich in fiber such as whole-grain cereals, rice, bread or pasta.
  • Fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, cereals, whole grains, low-fat milk, and cheese should be your constant companions if suffering from diabetes. They are good for you!
  • Choose to drink lots of water instead of going for juice, regular soda or aerated drinks.
  • Being active is extremely important for all diabetes patients. Make it a point to be active most of the days of the week. You can start it slowly, by taking a 10-minute walk thrice a day, regularly.
  • You must also exercise to improve your muscle strength. If proper exercising is not possible, then you can try heavy gardening which includes digging and planting with tools, do yoga or you can even try push-ups.

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Can you reverse type 2 diabetes?

Of course yes but Doctors don’t talk about curing diabetes because, once a person has a diagnosis, they will always risk developing high blood sugar due to genetic factors and underlying problems with their beta cells.

But treatment can cause type 2 diabetes to go into remission, which means keeping the condition under control. Still, you’ll need to continue with treatment to ensure it stays that way. Otherwise, blood sugar levels can easily rise again.

Diabetes remission is when a person’s A1c is below 48 mmol/molTrusted Source or less than 6.5% after stopping diabetes medication for 3 months or more.

But remission does not mean that diabetes has gone away. You’ll need to manage your glucose levels with lifestyle measures to stay in remission. You’ll also need to attend follow-up appointments to ensure levels are appropriate. If glucose levels rise again, you may need to take more medication.

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