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Sarathi (meaning is to assist someone to ascent or to achieve something) is a small, start-up non-governmental organization (NGO). This NGO is officially registered in Nanded, Maharashtra, India. However; we operate throughout India and New Zealand to help people and also raise funds. We have members from various backgrounds and educational training. All these members understand the depth of human value and supporting each other in life when it is not at its best.

We all come from humble family backgrounds, and we are compassionate enough to understand peoplea��s sufferings and pain especially when they are struggling to achieve something in their lives, and finding it hard to get going as a result of financial, family or other hurdles in their lives. We take initiative to understand their needs and try to help them

We decided to come up with our organization as there will not be any administration cost. Thus, we can be sure that the aid is being distributed to the right people.A� There is no overhead cost or management cost for our members. And we know that the full help is reaching to the neediest people.A� This organization is being established to ensure that we work in close collaboration with individuals, other groups/NGOs. We would like to assist them to achieve our shared goals to help the community.

The people behind:

Akash Dhokne: Akash handles the central parts such as fundraising, creating scholarships and providing support to the other members of this organization. He currently works and lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

Dr. Santosh Butle:A� Santosh is a university professor, and he works in close collaboration with the students in his pharmacy school to identify some potential candidates who might need any help. Santosh also takes care of day to day activities such as communication with the local registrar office, local banks, tax filing as needed.

Dr. Sangharsh Bendke: Sangharsh is a medically qualified member of this organization. He currently lives in Basmat, Maharashtra. Sangharsh helps to find people who might need help. He also assesses their eligibility if they are in critical need. Dr. Bendke helps some of his patients who cannot afford any medical treatment. He provides inputs and ideas towards any development of this organization.

Shridhar Bhople: Shridhar helps the organization to identify and coordinate with the people in need. Currently, he lives and works in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

Sandip Dhokne: Sandip is based in Basmat. He is responsible for administration and supports to find help from local donors. Sandip provides the support to some of the locally based schools and oversees their progress.

Bhaskar Wadulkar: Bhaskar is aA� local business person, and he is involved in activities such as approaching donors, providing the organization a list of individuals who might need any help. He also provides some ideas and suggestion to provide the right contribution to the correct people.

Pills Sanjay Gotmare: Sanjay operates his own business in Akot, Maharashtra. A kind hearted person with lots of passion for social work. He is one of our valuable members who believes if one cannot see kind individuals in the world, be one of them. He is highly motivated in helping people.

Nishant Gajbhe and Umesh Gotmare: order keftabs These two gentlemen helped us to build this website. They are enthusiastic young members of this organization, and they are inspired to be a part of this social cause.